Rohrer & Klingner

21-rohrer-klingner-group.jpgRohrer & Klingner fountain pen inks use pleasant, high quality dyes which are processed into the individual tones. This German brand is ideal for fountain pens, steel nibbed pens, dip pens and other writing utensils which are used in calligraphy. A bottle of Rohrer & Klingner contains 50 mL of fountain pen ink. (Scabiosa and Salix are iron/gall nut-inks. The colour of these ferro-gallic inks deepens after application due to aerial oxidation and, thus, the script is durable or indelible. It is recommended that a fountain pen be flushed thoroughly between uses.) 

Please be aware that colour representation cannot be truly accurate owing to the reproduction on different computer systems, variations in scanning and variations in pen, paper and ink characteristics.